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  • Annie Troe

Behind the Scenes Peek - Cardinal Red

Hey Everyone!

I am starting a second blog here on my website. I have a blog for artists interested in Art Licensing at

What you will find here is behind the scenes goodies. Work in progress posts and notifications of when new coloring pages are posted on my site. I will be giving away manufacturer samples with my art on it, YAY! and anything else that I think you might like. Feel free to comment and ask questions. Sometimes I will need your help naming a new collection or deciding which pattern is better etc.

New Cardinal Collection Sketches

The image above is what I am thinking of for my NEW collection. I have a thing for Cardinals, especially the ones that live in our backyard! We will see how this turns out, but I am thinking of keeping it 'pencil sketchy' and adding some light washes.

Here is one of the images from the group photo at the top. I am tightening up the drawing a bit. I will paint this with watercolor (below) to see how it will work out before I tighten up all the other drawings.

Looks like this is going to work great! I best get to it and get the other ones done :-)

I appreciate all of you for supporting my art, sharing my social media posts and connecting with me <3 . If you don't follow me, scroll down to the bottom of the page to find me on social media sites. Be sure to say hi!

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