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  • Annie Troe

Help Me Find My Candy Corn Figurines!

I need your help! Would you play "eye spy" when you are out shopping?

These fun Candy Corn figurines are available in the manufacturer's catalog. I don't know of all the stores they sell to and would LOVE to get a picture of them in a store! (Ask the store staff first for permission to take a picture :-)

SO if you see them, and can get a picture, send it to me and I will give the first 3 people to send in photos a $10 Amazon Gift card! I will want permission to post your photo on my blog/website and various social media & advertising. My email These cute guys will be packaged in two sets with 4 figurines in each set.

Thank you in advance for playing "eye spy" with my Candy Corn figurines!

Spread Joy Today!

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