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  • Annie Troe

Easy to Color Puzzle

Hi Happy Campers!

I will be giving away this puzzle next month, I think. I want to give away my Candy Corn Figurines when the arrive soon :-)

Thought you might like to see what the 2-sided coloring puzzle looks like. It is 300 pieces. 24" x 18". My 20 yr. old favorite daughter and I put it together (the full color printed side, photo below) in about 3 hours. We built it on a 24 x 18 stretched canvas I have in my studio. Any thing flat and sturdy will work. Once completed, we flipped it over on to a piece of foam core and started coloring! (photo above). It will take us longer than 3 hours to finish coloring it, but I am really excited about the fantastic quality of the puzzle and how easy it is to color. The surface is suitable for pencils, crayons or markers. We decided on color pencils. It is cool that the puzzle is made from recycled materials.

I hadn't put together a puzzle in a long time and forgot how fun it is! I also really like what a neat inexpensive gift it is. I am toying with the idea of getting each family member a puzzle for Christmas ;-)

BIG thanks to Vermont Christmas Company for licensing my art for their coloring puzzle! I am very excited about it :-D

Link to purchase this puzzle from Vermont Christmas Company

BIG THANKS to all of you for sharing this on social media and with your friends. Your support means a lot to me.

Note: I glued the coloring side first, since that is the side that will be showing when I frame the puzzle.

Gluing was really easy, did stick a bit where I let the glue run over the edge. Next time I will know to be more careful. Below is the finished coloring side that is glued. We colored it a little differently than the full color printed side - we has so much FUN!

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