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  • Annie Troe

Creating a Christmas Art Collection

Hi Happy Campers!

I thought I would follow up with my "Behind the Scenes Peek - Cardinal Red" blog post. I was just in the begging stages when I wrote that post and now I am done with the collection. Here are some of the beginning sketches so you don't have to go back the the first post. This is on light blue lined graph paper. I don't think you can see all my erasing and corrections in this photo. I want to mention it in case you are interested in creating your own art. I re-work sketches until I get it looking good ;-)

Some progress photos so you can get a sense of how I work. Each artist works differently. With this collection, I traced the sketches onto 140 lb. watercolor paper. I scanned in the line art for each image so that they can be made into rubber stamps. Or, I could 'paint' them in Photoshop for a different look. Note: the big gray blob in the photo on the left is a kneaded eraser.

I create a lot of icons (images below). They help with creating patterns, borders and in combination with the images like the cardinals above.

After I get everything painted and scanned in. I make image groupings, wreaths, patterns and mocks in Photoshop. Sometimes I finish a painting with a background. Sometimes paint some washes to use as backgrounds. This isn't the entire collection, but it gives you a good idea of how I do it. I made a blank postage stamp and the Christmas cancellation mark in Photoshop. The first image at the top shows a couple of product mockups I created.

Here are some patterns for fabric, wrapping paper or for texture found in the stamp image above. I create the patterns in Photoshop using the offset filter so that they repeat.

Let me know if you like this kind of post :-) Looking forward to your questions and comments below.

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Spread Joy Today!

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