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  • Annie Troe

Behind the Scenes of NEW Winter Wonderland Collection

Hi Happy Campers!

Here is a peek of how I created my brand-spanking new Christmas art collection! Don't worry I won't show you the steps for ALL the paintings and images I created. See that small palette knife on the left side of each photo above? That is the only tool I used. I love the challenge of painting with a palette knife. It brings and exciting and unique texture to the paintings! I am using acrylic paint on 100% cotton canvas.

Quite often I will paint just a background or two for a collection to give me more options when I design the art on products.

Painting on an easel or my art table is such a fun break and adds variety to my licensed artist's life. After I get all the paintings scanned in, it is exciting to see how they look on various product mock ups! I use Photoshop a lot for product designing. Keeping the design elements on layers makes it easy to go back and make any changes needed for a manufacturer.

Don't you JUST LOVE this simple look above! For a bit warmer friendlier look I have left in the blue sky in the mock ups below. Not shown are some black background designs that really make the images pop!

If you are a fan, let me know what you like and don't like with this new collection. Is one of the animals your favorite? If you are a manufacturer/retailer and want to see more send, me an email

Follow this blog so you know when the next giveaway will be! I will be posting my new snowman images soon. Are you an artist interested in Licensing? Check out my Art Licensing Business blog here.

Looking forward to your comments below - So great to connect with you!

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