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Surtex: For me, it is the connections

Left to right: Brenda Manley, Brenda Manley Designs; Cherish Flieder, Something to Cherish, Art of Licensing, Art Licensing; Me with my brand new glasses & gray streak ;-)

Hi Happy Campers!

FRESH off the plane from Surtex - The amazing art licensing show in NYC. This is one of the BIG shows where I hope to license my art on Manufacturer's products. In the last blog post I mention a new creative alliance with Suzanne Cruise Creative Services. They were showing some of my art in their booth at the show - a BIG thank you for that! It is exciting to wait and see what deals may come from my art being shown to manufacturers.

So why do I go as an artist who's art is being shown by someone? Because it is all about the people! People: Make the art, represent the art, license the art, buy the art on products and so on. I make new and catch up with old connections. SEE all the wonderful & inspiring art on display! Check out what is going on at the National Stationery Show. This all energize my art licensing batteries. The annual Monday morning meet up (organized by Cherish, in the photo above) is one of my favorite things about Surtex. If you are interested in licensing your art & can afford to go, Surtex is a great place to see how agents work, how the show works and how your art might fit in the show.

Full Disclosure

Each show I go to is both more fun & beneficial (I learn stuff, meet new people). The first time I went was the MOST exciting! It was also the one where I knew the fewest people. It is like anything else in life, if you are interested in it, stick to it :) The first time I went, I was nervous.

This year I only got permission from Brenda for the booth photo above. If you want to see more of what Surtex looks like, I have done a couple of photo review blog post over on my art licensing business blog.

Surtex 30+ Photo Review 2016

2015 photo review - my hair is a lot darker ;-)

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Looking forward to your comments below - So great to connect with you! Spread Joy Today!

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