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  • Annie Troe

Working Alone & Refueling Inspiration

Main Street Studios & Art Gallery

Hi Happy Campers!

Working Alone

I work alone - a lot! I am not complaining. I like it. I have an office/studio in my home. BUT I have found for me, it is important to get out of the house/studio every day. Usually I go exercise in the morning to get me going. I also have lunch at a restaurant twice a week. Once with favorite daughter and once with favorite son!, and occasional coffee dates with friends. I am the kind of person who likes to work for a few hours, then take a break, work for a few more, have dinner, and then work a couple more hours in the evening. It is good to step away from what ever I happen to be working on in order to get a little perspective on it. It also makes a big difference to connect with all of YOU! The reason I started this artist blog of mine.

Getting inspired

Traveling does it for me! Going to NYC to the biggest art licensing show in the world (Surtex) or the huge Atlanta Gift show really gets me excited. But, I can't afford to go to a bunch of shows. So I suggested to favorite daughter the other day that we take a short drive down the road to Elkhorn Nebraska, population around 7,000+. We visited a few places on Main Street.

Just in case you can't tell, I am on the right ;-) Main Street, Elkhorn, Nebraska (2017)

FIRST, really great inspiration starts with fish, chips and corn fritters at Boyd and Charlies BBQ! The Moose at Boyd and Charlies is watching me eat...

After lunch favorite daughter and I headed to the Main Street Studios & Art Gallery just a block down the street. I believe at the moment they have 4 resident artists. It is a really cool space! It would be fun to have a studio there some day.

For even MORE inspiration we scooted across Main Street to Kimba's Touch Pottery. Favorite daughter has one of Kimba's fabulous tea pots. Seeing what other artists are up to is a big help in fueling my creative juices.

I think we are all creative in some way or another. What do you like to do to refuel your tank?

Looking forward to your comments below - So great to connect with you! Spread Joy Today!

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