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  • Annie Troe

Behind the Scenes: Nashville TN & Inspiration

Hey Happy Campers!

I recently made a quick trip to Nashville Tennessee for a smidge of business and a whole lot of FUN! The "Booville Manor" above is painted on 9x12 Strathmore acrylic paper from Michaels, using Liquitex heavy body paint and my trusty and favorite palette knife from Blick Art Materials. I also used a small round bush to get the details and wispy clouds.

The Players

My favorite daughter Emily's (center/above) amazing friend Kelli (right) has an apartment in Nashville. We took advantage of that! BIG thanks to Kelli for being an awesome tour guide. Yup, I am on the left ;-) If you are a Country Music fan, be sure to check out Belles & Whistles, Kelli is lead singer. Her and her mom Jaymie have out of this world harmony and awesome lyrics.

Inspiration: Franklin TN

Kelli suggested we have lunch and shop Main Street, Franklin TN. What a COOL place! First, if you are in the area you HAVE to eat at 55 SOUTH. It was featured on the TV show 'Diners, Drive Ins & Dives". Nashville is famous for their Hot Chicken, but we all had the Dirty Bird Sandwich which was so delicious :-D

I snapped just a couple pictures of some of the old buildings in Franklin. There were so many! The stone house above was the building that really inspired me to use stone on my haunted house painting :)

Original sketch

A Few Process Photos

I thought you might like to see a few process photos. First I scanned in the background so I can use it with other images. I used white chalk and rubbed it on the back of my enlarge sketch. Placed that on top of the painted background, taped it in place and then used a ball point pen to trace/transfer the sketch. Notice I on the top and bottom left side of the chalk image, I marked where the corners of my enlarged sketch just incase the image doesn't transfer, or I accidentally wipe off my chalk :)

This images shows you that I under painted in order to cover the dark background :)

Here is a house flag mock :-D LOVE how the yellow glows! Could be a greeting card, fabric panel, wall decor. Could crop it horizontally and add a couple of large spooky trees. I love all the possibilities!

I uploaded a 1 minute time lapse video of a new Halloween Camper painting I am working on that you might like :)

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