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  • Annie Troe

Brand New Painting Stolen! (Que dramatic music ;)

Hey Happy Campers!

This brand NEW poppy painting titled "Field of Plenty" was STOLEN! (que dramatic music).... BY my favorite daughter Emily! I was intending to give it away here on my blog. How could I turn her down? She wants this 8x10" gallery wrapped canvas painting for her apartment. Besides, when one of my kids wants something I painted, I am totally flattered! :-D

The Wish

Many of you know I write a wish on the canvas before I start a painting. I think "Go where your heart takes you!" might be one of my favorite reminders.

Really Like this Painting?

No worries, I have uploaded it to my gallery where you can get prints, wrapped canvas, phone cases, pillows and more! Click here

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Looking forward to your comments below - So great to connect with you! Spread Joy Today!

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