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  • Annie Troe

Placemats & Trivets - Oh My!

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Hey Happy Campers!

I JUST got these in the mail from @Mary Nell Lawrence Forester (facebook page link)! I just love how she played with the fabric samples I sent! Beautiful hand quilting and super fun borders! I am very grateful for all her hard work ❤️

You can find the entire Chicken Scratch fabric line here on Quite a few of the patterns are also on Missouri Star Quilt Co. by searching "Annie Troe". Let me know if you find my new fabric line on other sites.

BIG shout out to Blank Quilting Corp. who teamed up with me to create this beautiful cotton fabric line. They have two FREE projects on their website. A table set and a Quilt.

Be sure to like and follow me on Facebook so you don't miss any of the fun! It is where giveaways happen - Facebook Fan page 😍

Thank you so much for following and supporting my artist life!

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