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  • Annie Troe

I cried! Blessed with Chickens!

Chicken Scratch bags created by the talented Cindy Downing!

Hey Happy Campers!


First a little back story. I met my friend Cindy Downing through a magazine client of mine we did an article on her. She is an amazing animal communicator. Facebook:

Fast forward a year or two and I saw on Facebook that one of Cindy & her husband Bruce's fuzzy loved one, Rosie, had just passed away. I painted a small portrait of Rosie and surprised Cindy and Bruce with it. I was just drawn & inspired to do it. I painted from the Facebook photo they posted letting their family and friends know of Rosie's passing.

I knew Cindy is a sewer and quilter. She asks on occasion if I have any fabric coming out. I met with her today to see a tote bag she purchased with Rosie's portrait on it so I can see the quality of the bag and printing (first photo at top of page).

LITTLE DID I KNOW that Cindy was surprising me with TWO bags she made for me from my Chicken Scratch fabric line with Blank Quilting Corp! I was SO surprised and grateful. I had happy tears! I am still bouncing off the wall EXCITED! She even took the selvage with my copyright name/notice and put it on the inside of the bag! Cindy also put two pockets inside the bag AND added cute covered buttons at the bottom of the straps! I had recently been wishing I hadn't given away my sample of the printed 5" squares. NOW I have them back as two super cute Chicken Scratch bags! I can't thank Cindy enough, in fact, I couldn't stop telling her thank you 😍

You can find the entire Chicken Scratch fabric line here on Quite a few of the patterns are also on Missouri Star Quilt Co. by searching "Annie Troe". Let me know if you find my new fabric line on other sites.

BIG shout out to Blank Quilting Corp. who teamed up with me to create this beautiful cotton fabric line. They have two FREE projects on their website. A table set and a Quilt.

Be sure to like and follow me on Facebook so you don't miss any of the fun! It is where giveaways happen - Facebook Fan page 😍

Thank you so much for following and supporting my artist life!

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