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Acrylic Hen Painting! Black and White Chicken! By: Annie Troe

Hello Joy Spreaders!

FUN with flat brushes! Start with out of the tube muted colors for a pretty painting. Use the reference photo as your Traceable if you like. SAME colors at the two 'Rooster' paintings links in Video's descr. on YouTube.

COLORS: Yellow Oxide, Red Oxide Cad. Red Medium Hue, Prussian Blue, Mars Black, Titanium White. COLORS 0:50, 4:05 Chat about the Background. 8:14 chat about first section / layer. What brushes I am using. 11:08 What I like about the Flat brushes. What I am thinking for light and making the hen look 'round'. Background as a shadow. 13:54 final comments, screen shot and tour.

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