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Building on Simple Landscape Painting - Makeup Brush for Leaves

Hello Joy Spreaders!

I used a makeup brush & a deer foot stippler for leaves! FUN! I time lapsed my sketch & under painting. I talk about what I am up to at the 2 minute mark if you want to jump ahead. I pop in a couple more times with comments - ENJOY! Let me know if you try this one 🎨🤗 I called this one "Hello Yellow - Nebraska Skies" If you have a better title idea, I would love to hear it 🥰

Big Red Tree Fall landscape video with Traceable

Some Simple Landscape Videos

Aspen Trees with Traceable

Easy ways to paint clouds video

Clouds little tree, simple video

Big Cloud Simple landscape video

Clouds/Rain/Tree video

S shape Creek design, Simple

Mountain painting tips


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