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Fun and Easy Little Bumblebee painting

Hello Joy Spreaders!

Busy Bees Painting! Limit your colors even when you use a Primary paint Palette. The brown anchors the painting and gives it weight at the bottom. Add some white to your paint for better coverage at first. Then you can come back over with stronger color if you like. 0:52 Colors, brushes and a little strategy. 4:40 Flat brush tips /demo of leaves. Notice when I draw the bees they are shapes put together. 9:32 Transparent Mixing white for Wings. I demo two wings. Next I demo antennae and legs. 18:50 final comments. Strengthen the opacity on the Wings. Art Hugs! 🎨🤗

COLORS: Yellow Oxide, Red Oxide Cad. Red Medium Hue, Prussian Blue, Mars Black, Titanium White. COLORS 0:50, 4:05 Chat about the Background. 8:14 chat about first section / layer. What brushes I am using. 11:08 What I like about the Flat brushes. What I am thinking for light and making the hen look 'round'. Background as a shadow. 13:54 final comments, screen shot and tour.

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