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LARGE Swiss Cow Painting! COW FACE CLOSE UP! By: Annie Troe

Hello Joy Spreaders!

Tag along while I paint this Brown Swiss Cow! I pop in 9 times with comments. Takes a while for things to start looking good. I exaggerate the color and the light source a bit more. I also exaggerate the ear hair! 😂 Limit your colors for better paintings: Titanium white, Mars black, Burnt umber, Cad. yellow medium hue, Quinacridonee magenta. You could add Unbleached titanium white, I mixed a close color for the background. I demo the beginning of the right ear at 16:04. At 23:24, I work on finishing the right ear. Link to the LiVE! where I painted the left ear and horn on the left side in video description. ART HUGS FRIENDS! 🎨🤗 Title: "Face Time". 36" x 24"

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