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New Blog, Working Out the Kinks

Happy New Year Joy Spreaders!

I really like the new blog and the features, BUT you now have to login to comment and I have not found a work around for that. It also has the ability to set up a community where we can all hang out. I think that is something I will try using in the future as my email/newsletter does not get much response for all of you :-D Could be a fun thing if we hang out once a month and chat 😍

The BEST place to follow me is on my Facebook Fan Page, That is where the giveaways happen I also post gallery events there and on occasions sell original art. Next best place is Instagram

ALSO I have been calling all of you amazing people who support my artist life "Happy Campers" here on my blog. I am going to switch to Joy Spreaders because that is how much fun I have with all of you! It has become a wonderful community of Joy Spreaders 😍. That is also how I ended each post for the last several years.

TEASER! I have some exciting news coming out soon! Stay tuned!

My goal?, to SPREAD JOY TODAY!


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