JUST released! Chicken Scratch Fabric Collection with Blank Quilting Corp.

January 4, 2018


Hey Happy Campers!

SUPER excited to announce that my Chicken Scratch fabric collection was just released by Blank Quilting Corporation! It will ship sometime around July-Sept. 2018. Really fun to see how my art is used in Blank Quilting Corp's. vision for the collection.




Two PDF Projects available

Pictured above left is the quilt project. Click here for the free PDF project download. Above right is the table set project. Click here for the free PDF project download.



Would you leave a comment?

Here is a YouTube video announcing Blank Quilting Corp's. 2018 line - my collection is the 2nd one announced. Would you leave a comment? That would be AWESOME! Thanks in advance for your support ❤️ https://youtu.be/edRrIJrYB7k


 More collection images

Just showing off more of the Chicken Scratch collection! Yep, I am a proud artist ;-) Some of the patterns have another colorway. If you want to see it on Blank Quilting Corp's. page, click here http://blankquilting.net/php/catalog/fabricshop.php?a=sc&Category=509.


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Looking forward to your comments below - So great to connect with you! Spread Joy Today!



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