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August 1, 2018


Hey Happy Campers!

I have had several comments on social media that people would like to watch how I paint. Problem is, that if it is in real time, this little 5" x7" painting took seven hours to finish (including the background which I didn't film). SO, I filmed several part of the painting process, put them together in iMovie on my computer and sped it up 20 times! Let me know what you think of this home made iPhone video. I think that next time it needs to be shorter. This one is 2 minutes :)

This is a photo of the $15 bendable arm I use to hold my iPhone and clamp to my art table. I suppose if I get into this I will need all kinds of new toys like better lighting! 



Bonnie & Clyde are available on Pillows, as prints, t-shirst, journals and more HERE! Thank you so much for following and supporting my artist life!





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