Robin Bird Painting Time Lapse Video

April 12, 2019


Hey Happy Campers!


Meet "Fanny Feathers" robin painted on a 5x7" canvas panel. I will be adding a wire and couple of beads for it to hang from. You may notice the little holes I drilled at the top of the panel.


MATERIALS: 5x7" canvas panel, Liquitex heavy body professional paint, small brushes and a small palette knife.


PRO TIP: Thought you might like to see my palette so I put paint on an 8" styrofoam plate. I mist it with water on occasion to keep the paints from drying out AND it will fit in a large gallon zip lock plastic bag to keep the paints fresh for a day or two. Really nice if you mix a complicated color. Not necessary for the colors in the robin.


The black outline of the robin is created with a charcoal pencil. If you watch closely, I use a kneaded eraser to lighten the charcoal before I paint an area. That way the paints do not get muddied by the charcoal, especially the whites.


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