Behind the Scenes Look "Sunflower the Cow" 15"x30" Painting

August 22, 2019


Hi Happy Campers!

One of these days I will try filming a large painting. I either need a new tripod for my phone OR see if my new camera can do it :) I am not sure how many farm animals / paintings I am going to do! There will definitely be a few more. Not only is the farm theme trendy, but I live in Omaha Nebraska, surrounded by farm country.



I use a lot of white paint (most artist do). I typically use Liquitex Heavy Body paints because they can be thinned if needed. My tip is to also have on hand a large tube of Liquitex Basics Titanium white paint. It is already thin and speeds things up a bit. It is not as thin as the pouring paints :)


Hope this behind the scenes look is fun for you! Contact me if you would like me to paint one for you. This can be easily scaled down to an 8" x 10" if you want a much smaller painting.


Above: "Sunflower the Cow", 15"x30" (1.5" deep) gallery wrapped canvas painting.


These paintings and more available in my online gallery & store.



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BIG thank you for your support of my art! Thanks for the social media shares and comments!


My goal?, to Spread Joy Today!




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