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Pet Portrait Behind the Scenes & FAQs

Above Left to Right: Penelope - Joanne G. won a free pet portrait since she follows this blog; Izze - Diane S.'s family member who has passed, photo I painted from provided by Cahlean Klenke

Hey Happy Campers!

As an artist, I enjoy creating! Guess what I am now offering - yep! pet portraits! I don't know about you, but my cat Freckles (who is the president of, process photos below) is such an important family member. Like many of you, I just LOVE animals!

Behind the scenes

Below is a look at how I paint a pet portrait. First up is the oh so ADORABLE Charlie! I snapped his pic while at my sister & brother in-law's home for a family get together. I think Charlie was hamming it up a bit for the photo! :-D

Materials: Heavy body professional acrylic paint, Heavy duty gallery wrapped canvas, 5"x7", 1.5" deep (the canvas can stand up on it's own), charcoal pencil, brushes and palette knives.

I decided to pick up a similar color to Charlie's collar for the background. I new the cool color would make his fur and sweater pop more. I used a large brush for the background.

What I am doing is finding some values with a brush & paint. Getting they eyes, nose and mouth set up well is important.

Here I am continuing to find values and warm and cooler colors. I painted the sweater in white/gray scale because I want the red to be strong. I could paint the red over the teal/blue background if I wanted a more muted look.

There is a big jump between this finished portrait of Charlie above and the photo just above this one with the white sweater. Here I have gone over all of Charlie's fur, collar and sweater using more paint with a palette knife. It gives it some yummy depth and detail. Some of that detail with texture, the camera just can't pick up. The background for Charlie's portrait is bluer and not as dark as this photo shows. Both the photo and the original portrait look great!

Why smaller canvases that will stand on their own?

Pet Portraits are a labor of love! The smaller size makes for a great gift and keeps your costs down, are much less expensive to ship and can work in so many different situations. Put the pet portrait on your desk, on a wall with a grouping or by them selves. They also work on a plate stand or small easel. Up to you! When I hang them on a wall, I just love using command strips.

What if I want a larger portrait?

Prices go up based on size. Have a smaller portrait done and get a print at a larger size. This is a much less expensive way to go! I have prints and other goodies available in my print gallery/store. Click here to see Charlie's portrait as an example. If you really want a larger original, contact me and let's chat.

Will you paint more than one pet?

Yes, two pets can fit on an 8x10" or 10x10" (1.5 inches deep). See my Pet Portrait page for pricing.

Do you paint other animals?

You bet! I hope to have more samples up on my website soon. These are portraits that are painted from your photo, send a head or head and chest photo to paint from.

Can I send a photo a professional photographer took?

Short answer is no. The photographer took the photo and owns the copyright. They sold to you prints, not the copyright. You can take a good photo with your phone. Charlie above & Freckles below were taken by my phone as examples.

What color will the background be of my Pet's portrait?

I can paint pretty close to any color you would like. I am happy to suggest what color to use and will look great.

How long does it take?

It takes 4 weeks from the time I receive $50% down PLUS the time it takes to be shipped to you.

How can I pay & get started?

Check out the Pricing, Payment, Shipping and more information on my Pet Portrait page.

How do I care for my portrait?

Professional acrylic archival paint lasts longer and is more color fast than oil paint. When your pet portrait is completely dry (cured), I apply a gel gloss isolation coat, let that cure and then varnish with archival gloss varnish. Dust as needed. You can wipe it with a damp cloth if needed. More painting care tips here.

I have a question not addressed here

Please email me! I won't keep your email address Pricing & terms are on my Pet Portrait page. If you want to get updates from me follow this blog, Joanne G. who won the free pet portrait is a blog follower - I only offered that giveaway to blog followers. OR follow me on Facebook @AnnieTroe. My giveaways are happening on my Facebook page. All my social media links are listed below.

More process photos

As promised in the beginning of this post, below are Freckles portrait process photos. As I mentioned she is President, and a delight to have in my studio!

Materials: Heavy body professional acrylic paint, Heavy duty gallery wrapped canvas, 6"x6", 1.5" deep (the canvas can stand up on it's own), charcoal pencil, brushes and palette knives.

Thank you for the honor of painting your pet's portrait! I am looking forward to getting to know you and your pet.

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