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  • Annie Troe

Annie Troe at the Grove Gallery

Hey Happy Campers!

SUPER EXCITED! Many of my new original art pieces are NOW available at The Grove Gallery in historic Nebraska City! I put together this 1 minute slide show to give you a taste of The Grove Gallery and a bit about Nebraska City. It is an old Missouri River city with so much more to do & see than the couple things I touch on in this slide show. One of my favorite things about Nebraska city is the Kimmel Orchard and Vineyard.

I am busy painting more originals! Coming soon are more farm themed 8x10" paintings that go with the "Grandpa's White Barn" painting below. I see them sitting on a shelf or in groups on your wall. ALSO coming soon is a new giraffe painting! 15"x30". Keep an eye out on my facebook fan page for those. Recently posted a few in progress photos of an upcoming pig 😍

New pig painting in progress

Can't make it to the gallery? Contact me if you see a painting you might like. I can send you a larger image and The Grove Gallery can ship it to you.

BEST place to follow me is over on my Facebook Fan page. It is where the majority of giveaways happen! IF you can comment and share, that helps a TON! Be sure to like and follow my fan page for better odds of seeing my posts.

Thank you so much for following and supporting my artist life!

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