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  • Annie Troe

Behind the Scenes Look at My New Cow Painting

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Hi Happy Campers!

Watching paint dry can be boring! This is a 4 minute time lapse video that gives you a behind the scenes peek, start to finish, of how I manage most paintings. Most painting take days to weeks depending on the size.


Tape is a great tool for straight lines, a t-square is also very helpful.

Paint a section at a time. I usually paint the background first.

Sketch your image and or layout for a handy road map. Not all artist do this. Some just block in areas.

LAYERS add interest, can add details for realism, better opacity, etc.

Take your time, if you rush, it will look rushed. I know, hard to tell that here.

Hope this behind the scenes look is fun for you!

I titled this 8"x10" (1.5" deep) gallery wrapped canvas painting "Trouble". Its new owner is calling it "Daisy" :-D

These paintings and more available in my online gallery & store.

BIG thank you for your support of my art! Thanks for the social media shares and comments!

My goal?, to Spread Joy Today!

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