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  • Annie Troe

Behind the Scenes Look "Mona-Fleece-A"

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

Hi Happy Campers!

Watch "Mona-Fleece-A" come to life! This is a 3.5 minute time lapse video. I got one comment that I should add music. I would need something FAST and Peppy! Let me know what you think.


As a general rule, I paint back layer to top layer, dark to light. You will see right off the bat I did mark in the ears with a white/light color and parts of the nose mouth so that I don't loose those important shapes.

Hope this behind the scenes look is fun for you! Contact me if you would like me to paint one for you.

8"x10" (1.5" deep) gallery wrapped canvas painting. It sold the day I posted it on social media.

These paintings and more available in my online gallery & store.

FREE gift tags & wine bottle tags to download and print

BIG thank you for your support of my art! Thanks for the social media shares and comments!

My goal?, to Spread Joy Today!

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