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8 NEW Traceables in a 21-page Booklet, Download Now!

Hi JOY Spreaders!

I have been a busy bee! I put the traceables from 8 of my in-person watercolor classes in a 21-page PDF file booklet that you can download! 6 of the classes have photo steps, including photo steps of how to use a traceable. The Bookmark class I filmed so you can see how to use a traceable, how watercolor block works & watch me paint. Also filmed my Tips & Tricks class to help you with ideas/different ways to paint the classes.

Don't have or like watercolors? Use color pencil, markers, acrylic or what ever art medium sounds fun.

I have set this up as pay what you can afford. I get how much the COVID-19 has changed all our lives and incomes. I posted a recommendation of sending me $10; or less; or download for free depending on your situation. YOU are what is most important. Download link and options to send money here

I am THRILLED to say since I posted my new traceables on social media 12 hours ago, I have received several payments! THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH 😍

Tips & Tricks - How to use a watercolor block. Pause to paint along, speed up to get overview

Bookmarks - How to use traceable, tape your paper down

NEW coloring pages are FREE!

Print as many as you like. Find coloring pages here

Digital Downloads are FREE!

Quick easy and cheap! Print as many as you like. Find printables here

You can get my original art on all of these product below and more. HERE

My goal?, to Spread Joy Today! Cool Beans! ;-) THANK YOU ALL for your support of my artist life


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