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APRiL 2024 Wallpaper Free for Your Devices

Hi JOY Spreaders!

This computer wallpaper (above) is free for personal use as a small way to THANK all of you for your support! Click on the image and save to your computer. For your phone, click on the image below and save to your phone. This image will work with many phone models and styles. Same goes for the iPad image below.

OR I am happy to SEND YOU the jpeg, contact me. I won't keep your email.

NEW Traceables! Find traceables here

SHOP Happy Merch. for Happy People/Artist, T-Shirts, Mugs, Aprons

NEW Creative COMMUNITY Group: Annie Troe Art Friends


Ginger's Hang-up

Digital Downloads are FREE!

Quick easy and cheap! Print as many as you like. Find printables here

You can get my original art on all of these product below and more. HERE

My goal?, to Spread Joy Today! Cool Beans! ;-) THANK YOU ALL for your support of my artist life


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