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"Booville" New Fabric Samples

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Hello Joy Spreaders!

Watch my reactions to seeing my art/pattern designs on my new fabric collection "Booville" in partnership with The Blank Quilting Corp. 8 patterns, 10" squares (6 square designs with flipped versions and alternate backgrounds), and two 23+" x 42" panels. Samples are 36"x42". 100% beautiful cotton fabric that won't bleed. Glows in the dark.

PLEASE contact your local or online fabric stores and ask them to carry this collection - THANKS so much!

My Facebook friend Carrie made these cute placemats with my New Booville collection! I filmed myself opening up her package and my reactions. These really do glow in the dark!

TWO FREE PROJECTS you can download! , a quilt and a trick-or-treat bag.

Keep an eye out on my Facebook page, I have giveaways, flash sales, short videos, paint demo events and more.

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Prints, phone cases, journals, t-shirts and more available here.

My goal?, to SPREAD JOY TODAY!



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