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FUN Spring Bunny Painting! 4x4 Spring Ornament! By: Annie Troe

Hello Joy Spreaders!

Get Springy with Bright Aqua Green color! See how I paint shapes and then refine them. How / where to paint the color in the eye if it is hard to see 0:26 . Use the photo as your Traceable. 4:00 I paint the background on 4x4" canvas panel. 8:46 I chat about first steps. Demo the shadow & where my highlights are going to be. See how i adjust my values as I go on the first layer. You can see I am painting the shapes I see in the reference. 22:25 I chat about painting slow. 25:45 I chat about the 2nd one being much faster. 26:48 Demo a few whiskers & talk about using the reference photo.

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