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Neighborhood Creativity

Hello Joy Spreaders!

The schools are closed. MANY people are working from home and social distancing as I write this because of the COVID-19 virus. I have the Nextdoor neighborhood app on my phone. Noticed a post suggesting we all make or print out a shamrock, post it on your front door or window so that the kids can go on a walk (or drive) scavenger hunt looking for shamrocks. (Video below) I had a lot of fun taking this break from my normal work day routine! Today, March 20th we are to post silly faces (video above). I walk the neighborhood for exercise since I am not going to the gym and found it fun to look to see who is participating in this creative event. They posted 5 more dates and themes that ends on April 4th with an Easter egg. What a neat thing for us to do!

There now there is another activity for Wednesdays to do a chalk drawing on our sidewalks. I believe the hash tag is #chalkyourwalk and #chalkyourwalkomaha. I found some old sidewalk chalk in the garage so I think I will do this weather permitting :-) Follow me on Facebook or Instagram, links below to see what happens.

Be safe and well everyone!

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