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  • Annie Troe

Behind the Scenes Look at "Willow" 5x7" Pet Portrait

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Hi Happy Campers!

"Willow" is an adorable labradoodle that I had the privilege of painting for a Christmas present! My client sent a photo to work from that you see at the end of this 3 minute time lapse video and they picked the background color :-D

I show you a look at how the 1.5" deep gallery wrapped canvases look on the back. ALSO, that I write the word 'love' on the canvas before I start my paintings.

I use heavy body professional acrylic paints. Once the painting has dried for a few days I put on a gel gloss layer for more depth in the color and to seal it all up well. Depending on the weather, I then apply a UV protectant varnish.

Stretched canvas tip: If you canvas sags a little or someone stretches/dents it with their thumb carrying it, you can spray the back and let it dry. It will tighten back up. Repeat if necessary.

It is such an honor to paint someone's fuzzy loved one!

Did you know I have an online store where you can buy pet portrait prints, phone cases, t-shirts and more?

Want more info and pricing for your pet portrait, go here

Hope this behind the scenes look is fun for you! Contact me if you would like me to paint one for you.

These paintings and more available in my online gallery & store.

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BIG thank you for your support of my art! Thanks for the social media shares and comments!

My goal?, to Spread Joy Today!

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